Black Henna for Hair Dye

Black Henna , protecting your scalp and simultaneously coloring your hair

Safest way to cover your grey hair


Black Henna Powder for Hair Dye:

Adding to your hair a new look with new color, softness, and shine, and enriching your hair with henna extracts, black henna is an organic product that can be used for all types of hair. It helps to obscure your dull darker color of hair giving a pleasant aroma. It’s mainly used as a dye for hairs and we through providing good quality black henna to our clients can stop them from the use of dyes possessing artificial chemicals in it.

How to prepare?

Simply mix the black henna powder with water u can also add the paste or water of awe that is best for the blackening of hairs without any risk of harm. The water should be taken in the same proportion as that of powder to be 1/4thof powder and 3/4th of water or any liquid.


  • Made t the extracts of pure henna leave the Black Henna for Hair Dye makes the hair of the users to be soft, and silky and prevents anti-aging signs of grey or rough hair.
  • The black henna doesn’t contain any toxic substances that may harm the skin, scalp, or the hair’s consistent growth.
  • The black henna dye possesses the magic of being an angel to make people look younger and improve their hair growth strength.

Why black henna for hair from us?

We have henna being made from the leaves of the henna plant. That is specially exported from the city of Sojat famous for its mehndi. Also, we are dealing with henna for many years we guarantee you to make it ugly thin & Shiny.

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